What do I need to consider during the initial planning process for my event/announcement?

Timing is everything. Don’t forget that the save-the-date or invitation is usually the first thing the recipient will see to get the essence of the event or announcement being delivered. But most times it is the last thing to be considered when planning.

Work backwards in your schedule and leave enough time for the recipient to receive the communiqué, mark it on their calendar and respond to the invitation. Allow time for delivery, time to get it printed and produced, time to get the product ordered and delivered, time to get it designed and proofed, time to get your list together and most important time to relieve stress.

With all that said, Envelopments takes great pride in delivering great products with an exceptionally fast turn-around time.

What do I need to think about when designing with Envelopments?

First, think theme. As you get started think about the look or tone of the event and imagine what style or flavor is desired. You may wish to embrace the season, reflect the location, match the attire or convey the level of formality for an event. Perhaps this will influence the initial decisions about color and pattern combinations.

Next, consider content. Determine the information required to be communicated. Response cards and return envelopes, maps, photos and text will help define the shape, size and capacity necessary to contain the communiqué.

Then, question quantity. On the guest list, remember to base the count on the number of addresses being mailed to versus the total number of guests. Also consider ordering overages to compensate for standard loss during the print, assembly and addressing processes.