Envelopments & Gmund

As a designer, it’s a win-win when you mix Gmund’s color system of exemplary papers with Envelopments’ system of 100+ converted products.

Blank or printed for you, from limited quantities to large runs, Envelopments expedient turnaround gets you what you need when you need it.

Get Started as an Envelopments Dealer
Envelopments provides wholesale access to fine stationery, paper products, printing and design resources for creating custom communiques for your customers or your business.

Use Gmund in the Envelopments Extension
The Envelopments Extension allows Dealer/Designers to design within Adobe Illustrator CC using Envelopments products (including Gmund stocks), artwork and ink swatches.


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No matter the sales tool you choose to get started (the Design Kit, the Design Studio or Full-Service Wedding Album)
being an Envelopments Dealer means you have access to it all!

If you have additional questions, you can connect directly with our Business Development Department:
Sales@Envelopments.com or (714) 569-3350