We Are Making Progress!

Dear Valued Envelopments Customers,

We hope that this finds you and your loved ones well in the new year! The purpose of this message is to reassure you that we continue to be focused and actively engaged in our reopening process. Over the past several months, we have been working tirelessly in these efforts and remain committed to you–our dedicated clients. The technology aspect of the company that we inherited from the shutdown was not prepared for transition, so putting everything back together to meet the companies needs is proving challenging, but not insurmountable. Envelopments has historically been able to meet your needs due to the intersection of its technology and craftsmanship at scale. Thus far we have been able to reconfigure part of the fully customized technology for the business, which is not enough to handle the volume that would suit your needs. We only want to launch what we know that we are able to fulfill with greatness, and getting the custom technology back whole is essential to that. Our goal is to have that complete for relaunch in Q2 (April-June) of this year. We will provide a clearer timeframe on what to expect as soon as we can.

At this time, we are accepting orders for cut card stock, paper, and envelopes only. If you have a need for any of these products, please email us at so we can verify availability on the items you are requesting. Confirmation on availability will then be provided so you can place your order. Orders for enclosures, scored cards, liners, silhouettes, frames, labels, patterned stocks, or printing services are not available at this time. Most importantly, we want to express our sincerest appreciation for your patience, understanding, and continued support during this transition. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out any time at
Wishing you and your loved ones a healthy and happy 2021!