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From wedding invitations to baby announcements, birthday parties to anniversaries, graduation announcements to holiday cards, business communiques to personal stationery, Envelopments is here to help you define your moment. Communicate how truly, deeply, thrilled, proud, joyful, moved or giddy you are. Say it like you mean it; send something they can hold in their hands while they figure out how to clear their schedule, because they wouldn’t miss it for the world.


Weddings seem to have a life of their own. We breathe ourselves into them and they grow and evolve with each added input from those we choose to support us. It’s a time of great collaboration, negotiation and sheer perseverance. Keeping your balance through this heady journey takes focus and commitment to maintain one’s vision along the way. Keep it real, keep it personal. Whether you are blowing the doors off or keeping it simple, it’s about the quality not the quantity of your gesture that will make the biggest impact.

  • Abigail & Devon Wedding Invitation
  • Adele & Jeremy 1 Wedding Invitation
  • Adriana & Dwayne Wedding Invitation
  • Alice & Raymond Wedding Invitation
  • Amber & Kurt Wedding Invitation
  • Amelia & Chad Wedding Invitation
  • Andrea & Frederick Wedding Invitation
  • Angela & Matthew Save the Date

Save the Date

Elatedly, blissfully, ecstatically, delightedly, really speaks volumes for this lucky couple. Invitations can exude and emote your personalities while giving all the specifics of the time and date.

  • Adele & Jeremy 1 Wedding Invitation
  • Adriana & Dwayne Wedding Invitation
  • Amelia & Chad Wedding Invitation
  • Angela & Matthew Save the Date
  • Angelique & Bradley Wedding Invitation
  • Anna & Paul Save the Date
  • Ashleigh & Daniel Save the Date
  • Autumn & Nolan Wedding Invitation


From the first time you utter those words, “we’re having a baby,” life is different. From the baby shower to the announcement, sharing the good news is its own pleasure. And if you thought you were busy before, nothing compares to life with a new baby at home. Make as many decisions ahead of delivery so that just the name, date, time, weight and that special photo needs to be added. You’ll have enough to deal with once you are sleep deprived.

  • Aiden Meyers Birth Announcement
  • Amanda Walker Birth Announcement
  • Amber Svenson Baby Shower Invitation
  • Anwar Bronson Birth Announcement
  • Arianna Marquez Baby Shower Invitation
  • Asher Oakley Birth Announcement
  • Baron Woods Birth Announcement
  • Bianca Marini Birth Announcement


A great invitation resonates. When we make that extra effort, what we are really hoping to hear are those few simple words, “of course we’ll be there!” So, how do you plan something without blowing the budget? It’s called design; use fewer layers and let your image do the talking. The envelope can billboard key information, “It’s a Surprise”; “Please Respond”; “He did it!” …a clear message is easy to illustrate with type and color. Make good use of everything you choose.

  • Alegria Reyes Birthday Invitation
  • Alyssa Caldwell Birthday Invitation
  • Bella Phillips Birthday Invitation
  • Charlie Jensen Birthday Invitation
  • Colin Doyle Birthday Invitation
  • Courtney Daniels Birthday Invitation
  • Dawson Fisher Birthday Invitation
  • Gavin Maroste Birthday Invitation


Ritual gives our life meaning and continuity, carrying forth a rich tradition and the honoring of our family’s ancestry. Whether you are celebrating a Baptism or First Communion, a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or a Quinceañera, keep the faith. Inviting everyone you know, or just a small circle of family and friends, some big moments call for extra information. A handy pocket will keep your inserts in one place while looking put together. Stagger them for easy access; or alternate color for that extra pizzazz.

  • Allison & Isabelle Welsh B'nai Mitzvah Invitation
  • Ashleigh Gonzales First Communion Invitation
  • Caleb Reagan Confirmation Invitation
  • Delilah Jawicz Bat Mitzvah Invitation
  • Dinah Odette Bat Mitzvah Invitation
  • Hannah Keller Christening Invitation
  • Jack Belkin Bar Mitzvah Invitation
  • Jade Rodriguez Quinceanara Invitation


Organizing all your family in one place is a worthwhile tradition. It reminds us of who we are and where we come from; it is a chance to tell stories, share recipes and keep the family history. It’s a time for taking photos, to say I love you and to remember those who came before us and left their indelible imprint on our hearts. Celebrations are the pinnacle of so many of our life experiences. With them, come a collective memory; something that is shared between all who have joined you.

  • Fraser Family Reunion Card
  • Lionel & Rachel Party Invitation
  • Penrice Family Reunion Invitation
  • Rosemary Ferguson Party Invitation
  • Werner Family Reunion Invitation


After many arduous years of constant studying and sweating exams, it’s time to share your pride and tell family and friends “I finally did it!” Make it personal, make it about you. We are inundated with junk mail and forwarded emails. Give them a thrill when they open their mailbox. They’ve been rooting for you all along. And even long after your cap is off and your gown’s turned in, we think you should pat yourself on the back, loudly and often.

  • Angela Hughson Graduation Announcement
  • Jason Troung Graduation Announcement
  • Olivia Anton Graduation Announcement
  • Stephanie Mendoza Graduation Announcement
  • Zeke Jurgens Graduation Announcement


It’s time to pack. You’ve had to relocate for work, you’re “moving in together,” there’s been an addition to the family (whether it be a bouncing baby or a four-legged friend), and now you’ve outgrown your digs. Moving can be an overwhelming process. Some people you may not want to leave a forwarding address. And for everyone else - it gives you a great reason to throw a party!

  • Billingsley Family Moving Card
  • Fong Family Moving Announcement
  • Friedman Family Moving Announcement
  • Hadley Family Moving Announcement
  • McNaughton Family Moving Announcement
  • Molly Seinfeld Moving Announcement
  • Patricia Udell Housewarming Invitation


We swing into action at the first sign of fall and it does not stop until the ringing in of the New Year. The holiday season demands much of us, no matter our beliefs. There are trees to trim and presents to wrap. There are candles to buy and potatoes to grate. Tis’ the season for Thanksgiving dinners, holiday greetings, photo cards and New Year’s Eve bashes. Splurge on what makes you happy. Go for it. Spread holiday cheer one mailbox at a time.

  • Abramson Family Holiday Card
  • Adler Family Holiday Card
  • Amezcua Family Holiday Card
  • Anderson Family Holiday Card
  • Andrews Family Holiday Card
  • Armstrong Family Holiday Card
  • Barnolli Family Holiday Party Invitation
  • Barrett Family Holiday Card


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