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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Start Guide


How do I use the Envelopments.com website?

For an overview to get you started click here to go to our Quick Start Guide.

What can be created with Envelopments products?

social stationery | business communiqués | wedding ensembles | coordinated events | seasonal greetings | invitations | photo cards | announcements | note cards | programs | table cards | menus | proposals | love letters | etc., etc., etc.

To get a jump start on design ideas click here to view our Inspirations.

What products does Envelopments provide?

Envelopments offers the ideas, tools and premium paper products necessary to create custom mix and match solutions for any announcement, occasion or event that deserves special attention.

To see all of the items Envelopments has to offer click here to view our Products.

What custom services does Envelopments provide?

On our website you can order custom cut stocks by going to “Make-it-Mine” click the “+” to add a new product, then select “Choose a Product”, then use the tab labeled “Custom Cut Stocks” to enter the custom sizes. Or you can first select a color, then click “Choose a Shape” and then continue to the Custom Cut Stocks Tab as above.

What colors and paper types does Envelopments offer?

Envelopments offers the widest selection of premium papers created in mills from around the world.

To get your hands on the entire selection of Envelopments colors and patterns check out our Mini Deck. The swatches are labeled to show which stocks are available in each product category.  And we offer a promotion to get your Mini Deck with a rebate…essentially making it free.

To see all of the colors and patterns available on-line click here to go to Colors.

What weight are your papers & cardstocks? 

The weight of our papers vary from 68lb to 91lb. Cardstocks range from 80lb to 236lb double thick letterpress stocks. Most of our cardstocks are between 80lb to 113lb.

What options are there to get the job done utilizing Envelopments?

Envelopments Value By Design. Vary the level of involvement, from do-it-yourself through do-it-for-me, to achieve the preferred balance of economics and aesthetics.

Work with an Authorized Envelopments Dealer/Designer to get a custom communiqué designed, created and produced specially for you or purchase the parts and do the layout, printing and assembly yourself. 

Where do I get Envelopments products from an Authorized Dealer/Designer?

Envelopments products and services are available through an Authorized Dealer/Designer Network of independent businesses who will personalize, customize and embellish Envelopments to meet your particular needs.

To search for an Authorized Envelopments Dealer/Designer in your area click here.

Who may become an Authorized Envelopments Dealer/Designer?

Envelopments products and services are available to businesses such as stationery and craft stores, invitation and graphic designers, marketing and PR professionals, event planners, photographers and those in the business of creating custom communiqués and presentations for self-promotion and/or invitations and announcements for their customers.

If you would like to learn more about becoming an Authorized Envelopments Dealer/Designer click here.

How do I assemble my DIY project?

If you do decide to do-it-yourself consider our professional production tools. We offer tape dispensers and tape as well as the Jigster by Envelopments to help you layer card stocks, quickly, consistently and accurately.

How do I assemble favor containers?

Favor Containers are designed to ship flat and easily be assembled without tapes or glue. Click here to view the instructions.

Can I order samples?

We do not sell samples of individual products or swatches. However, you can order a Mini Deck for $20, which comes with a $20 discount of your subsequent order... so it’s like free.

What do I need to consider during the initial planning process for my event/announcement?

Timing is everything. Don’t forget that the save-the-date or invitation is usually the first thing the recipient will see to get the essence of the event or announcement being delivered. But most times it is the last thing to be considered when planning.  

Work backwards in your schedule and leave enough time for the recipient to receive the communiqué, mark it on their calendar and respond to the invitation. Allow time for delivery, time to get it printed and produced, time to get the product ordered and delivered, time to get it designed and proofed, time to get your list together and most important time to relieve stress. 

With all that said, Envelopments takes great pride in delivering great products with an exceptionally fast turn-around time.

What do I need to think about when designing with Envelopments?

First, think theme. As you get started think about the look or tone of the event and imagine what style or flavor is desired. You may wish to embrace the season, reflect the location, match the attire or convey the level of formality for an event. Perhaps this will influence the initial decisions about color and pattern combinations.

Next, consider content. Determine the information required to be communicated. Response cards and return envelopes, maps, photos and text will help define the shape, size and capacity necessary to contain the communiqué. 

Then, question quantity. On the guest list, remember to base the count on the number of addresses being mailed to versus the total number of guests.  Also consider ordering overages to compensate for standard loss during the print, assembly and addressing processes. 

How do I set up a MyE account?

By setting up a MyE account you will be able save your favorite colors, products and inspirations.  Once you have set up your account and created some Inspiration Boards you can then share them. It’s free and easy. Click here to get started and go to Mye.

How do I share my Inspiration Boards privately?

By default, your Inspiration Boards are public. You can modify your Inspiration Board's visibility by going to the Inspiration Board and clicking the paintbrush BOARD SETTINGS button on the top right. You will find a checkbox to change the visibility of your Inspiration Board. If you change your Inspiration Board to private, you will need to set a password for it, click save to commit the changes.

After setting the password, you can click the SHARE icon on the top right, then choose E-mail. Enter the appropriate email address and in the body of the message be sure to include the password you had just set for the Inspiration Board. To send to multiple addresses, seperate each email address with a semi-colon (;).

How do I set the Inspiration Board primary image?

The first item you save becomes the Inspiration Boards primary image. To define the image yourself, upload an image as your first item on that Inspiration Board. If you delete that first item, your Inspiration Board will replace the primary image with the next saved item (or uploaded image).

Why aren't my Inspiration Board photos loading into the Make-it-Mine Workspace?

Only items that can be edited are available in the Make-it-Mine Workspace. Uploaded photos will not appear within the workspace, but does not mean that they've been discarded. The images you've uploaded are still available in your Inspiration Board and will remain available until you remove them yourself.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Orders are processed in the order that they are received (first-in, first-out) based on availability of product. Most orders leave our facility within 1-2 business days.  All domestic orders will be shipped via UPS Ground. Please indicate if you would like your shipment expedited via 3-day, 2nd day, or next day.  All shipments originate in Santa Ana, California.

What is the cost of shipping?

The cost of shipping is determined by the weight of the package. The cost then varies depending on the size of the order and the method of shipping you choose.  When ordering from envelopments.com, you can see estimated shipping costs for your order based on the shipping method you choose.

What payment methods do you accept?

Envelopments accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.  If you are not a resident of California, there is no sales tax applied to your order. California residents will be charged the appropriate local sales tax.

How will I know the status of my order?

You will receive automated messages via email once your order is in the system being processed and again when it has been packed for UPS. Your shipment notification will include a copy of the invoice and shipment tracking information.

What if I want to change or cancel my order?

Once you place your order online it is in our system right away and being processed. If you need to cancel an order or change it, contact our customer service department ASAP at 800-335-3536.  Because of the nature of custom invitations, we are unable to guarantee returns or cancellations for customized items. Therefore, it is important that you thoroughly review your order before submission.

What do I do if I have a problem with my order?

Please contact our Customer Service Department regarding any errors or other problems with orders.  We will do whatever we can to rectify any errors that we have made.

What do I do if I need to return product?

To receive credit for a return, you must have an Envelopments Return Merchandise (RA) number. Please contact our customer service department to receive your RA number. All returns are subject to 15% restocking fees and return shipment fees. Because of the nature of custom invitations, we are unable to guarantee returns or cancellations for customized items. Therefore, it is important that you thoroughly review your order before submission.

How can I get my invitations printed?

For services like custom design and printing we recommend that you contact one of our talented Dealer/Designers.  Click here to find one near you. 

Why is there a fee for custom cutting?

If you've ever cut down card stock yourself, you know the importance of having it straight and exact—that and saving the time is well worth the $3.00 custom cut fee to have it cut on our machines by our experts.

Shipping to International Destinations

International destinations receive product by UPS and packages are subject to the terms, conditions, duties and taxes of the receiving country.  Envelopments is not responsible for these additional fees.  All international sales are final; refused packages cannot be returned and we will not issue credit.

Delivery Disclaimer

Envelopments will not be liable for damages or losses sustained during the delivery of your order. Customers will be charged a service fee and freight for: any refused package; undeliverable packages due to incomplete address, no signature on file, or no recipient at the ship-to address; re-shipment of packages that are returned to us.


How do I connect with Envelopments?

If you are not able to find the information you need or have further questions please click here to contact us.


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