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About Envelopments

About Envelopments

Simply put…we make you look good on paper!

Our Mission

Envelopments' mission is to enable the design, sales and innovation of custom communiques and exemplary paper presentations.

We pioneered the mix and match system of paper products, ideas and related tools while still focusing on quality, unsurpassed customer service and extremely fast fulfillment.

We make sure our mission happens by nurturing a creative, collaborative environment, which provides our staff, business partners and customers the opportunity to grow and enjoy the personal and professional rewards resulting from our company’s excellence.

Our Dealers Designers

Envelopments Dealers/Designers are independently owned businesses who cater to the consumer by creating custom invitations and announcements.

Whether a retail store, or “by appointment” specialty studio, these designers are at your service to help shepherd you through the design process, printing and assembly of your custom communiques.

To find a local Envelopments Dealer/Designer or learn more click here.

Our People

We are a family business that understands your needs. Envelopments grew out of a retail store called Elements that was owned by sisters Deborah Hefter and Holly Jakobs. Back in the early ‘90s there was no mix and match system for creating custom invitations and announcements… so we designed our wholesale company to fill that void in our marketplace. Over the years we have led the way and developed the products you have come to know such as Envelopments Pocket Folds® Enclosures.

Many of the folks on our staff have worked with us for years in our retail store and now our wholesale business. What does that mean for you? We are a dedicated support team who knows the bride and understands your business. We are here for our customers…many of whom we now consider friends.

Our Home

A few miles inland from the pacific shores of southern California, we sit engulfed by our bamboo garden. For us, being green isn’t a trend, it’s a lifestyle. It’s the way we’ve always done business, and in the realm of premium paper that’s no easy task. From our “greenovated” offices to our eco-friendly product mix, making responsible choices influences all that we do.

There are a few things you should know... we only work with companies that support sustainable forestry and/or use alternative energy in production. The papers in the Envelopments collection are made from recycled materials, some are even 100% tree-free made from either cotton or bamboo fibers.

We're environmentally conscious when it comes to shipping our products as well. All of our packaging materials are biodegradable and recyclable. Made from natural vegetable starch, our packaging material can be dissolved in water or planted into a compost pile. On top of that, Envelopments actively seeks ways to shrink our carbon footprint. All of our Dealers-Designers get online statements and invoices. Ironically, our offices for the most part are paper-free.

And then our offices and manufacturing facilities. We started with an existing building and retrofitted to our eco-friendly standards. Our staff is happy coming to work everyday knowing that their workplace is comfortable and responsible to the environment.

Our Logo

Since Envelopments designs and manufactures high-end paper products for creating custom communiqués, we have a variety of customers from businesses to brides. The Envelopments brand needs to speak to a wide audience.

The solution works as a blind deboss of the icon delicately pressed into some of our signature products; as a simple black and white version for collateral; and as a full color solution with the entire brand name included in the logo for packaging, advertising and web presentation.

In full color the icon alludes to Envelopments’ color swatches and our beautiful designer’s palette while the icon outline hints to the connection between the circle of recipients of a custom Envelopments communique.


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